A "No Code" solution

The flexibility offered by MARYLINK is a real added value for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. Rather than having to adapt to a rigid, preconceived solution, MARYLINK enables each organization to easily design its own customized platform, thanks to its no-code approach and multiple customizable modules.

But what exactly is No Code?

No Code refers to platforms or tools that allow you to develop applications or build systems without the need for programming skills. These tools use, for example, a drag-and-drop graphical interface and predefined configurations to enable users to create software.

What's the point of No Code in a collaborative innovation platform?

  1. Create with ease No Code tools enable anyone, even those with no programming experience, to create innovative solutions. This opens the door to a greater diversity of perspectives and ideas.
  2. Faster adaptation No Code tools can often speed up the development process, as they avoid the need to code from scratch. This can enable teams to innovate faster and test ideas more effectively.
  3. Lower costs By eliminating the need for experienced developers for each task, No Code tools can often reduce development costs. What's more, they often enable prototyping at lower cost.

MARYLINK takes advantage of No Code in several ways:

  1. Smart Spaces
    Smart spaces are collaborative workspaces that can be configured in just a few clicks to meet a variety of needs without the need for coding. Users can configure permissionsThey can add integrated tools and define workflows for each smart space. They have the flexibility to create unique spaces that precisely meet their needs.
  2. Support for administrators
    *GPT integration not only benefits end-users, but also administrators. GPT can act as a creative consultant, helping administrators to design, describe and promote the smart spaces they create. This reduces the time and effort needed to manage the platform and increases the efficiency of collaborative innovation.
  3. Construction without coding
    MARYLINK offers full customization to adapt the platform to your specific needs. You can define member profiles appearance, and much more. A CRM integrated system lets you manage members, and offers a host of advanced options such as GPT-assisted blog creation, geolocation, customizable menus and analytics, etc...

An example: the creation of Smart space assisted by GPT

Creating a smart space dedicated to organizing a hackathon with MARYLINK could be as follows. Note that the integrated artificial intelligence, GPT, is able to provide advice and suggestions throughout the process.

  1. Smart space creation
    First, an administrator creates a new smart space in MARYLINK. GPT can suggest an appropriate name for this spacefor example "Hackathon Innovatif 2023", as well as a concise description of the hackathon.
  2. Definition of steps (workflows)
    The administrator then defines the various stages of the hackathon. For example, a first phase could be dedicated to the submission of project ideas, a second to the evaluation of the ideas by a panel of experts, a third to the realization of the selected projects, and a final phase to the presentation of the final projects and the selection of the winner. GPT can help define these steps by providing suggestions based on current hackathon practices.
  3. Setting permissions
    For each stage, the administrator configures permissions, determining who can see and interact with content at each stage. For example, during the idea submission phase, all members could be authorized to submit ideas and comment on them, but only a panel of experts would be allowed to evaluate the ideas. Here again, GPT can suggest appropriate permissions configurations depending on the stage of the process.
  4. Tool definition
    Finally, the administrator chooses which tools to activate for each stage. For example, during the idea submission phase, a voting tool could be activated to enable members to vote for their favorite ideas. During the evaluation phase, a multi-criteria evaluation tool could be used to help experts assess ideas in a structured way. GPT can suggest which tools might be useful at each stage.

Thanks to its flexibility, the synergy between its modules and its ability to grow with your organization, MARYLINK offers you a truly customized collaborative innovation platform, with no coding required.

The ultimate goal is to maintain or strengthen your competitive edge in the short and long term.




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