Lead the market with your innovation stack

The innovation stack is a concept widely popularized by Square co-founder Jim McKelvey in his book "The Innovation Stack: Building an Unbeatable Business One Crazy Idea at a Time. The concept describes a set of interdependent innovations to create and sustain a business.

What does an innovation stack consist of?

The innovation stack is made up of several layers of innovation, where each innovation represents a solution to a unique problem that the company has had to overcome in order to survive and prosper. These innovations can include technological improvements, changes to the business model, processes and customer service.

The innovation stack concept is based on the idea that to build an innovative and resilient company, it is necessary to develop a series of interdependent innovations, each providing a unique solution to a specific challenge. Rather than simply copying existing strategies, the innovation stack is about creating unique, company-specific solutions.

How does it work?

Each innovation in the innovation stack adds a layer to the whole. These innovations are often interconnected.

Stack innovation enables a company to develop a sustainable competitive position, as it is difficult for competitors to copy the entire innovation stack.

 Innovation stack is at the heart of MARYLINK's strategy

  1. Innovate across all core business processes. Whether it's technology, business model changes, process changes, or unique approaches to customer service, every aspect can be revisited.
  2. The innovation stack is an interconnected system, where each component adds value to the whole. MARYLINK's functionalities interact with each other to create a richer user experience.
  3. Thanks to its ability to customize and adapt its platform to the specific needs of each user, each platform is a truly unique solution. This makes copying or reproducing their business model extremely difficult.

How do you build your innovation stack?

  1. You start by using one or more Smart Spaces with GPT integration directly related to your current concerns, such as resource management, project management or partner selection. These Smart Spaces enable you to structure and organize your innovation activities in a targeted way.
  2. Thanks to the flexibility of our tools, you can refine and adjust these Smart Spaces according to your feedback and specific needs. You will adapt the functionalities, workflows and permissions to perfectly meet your requirements.
  3. Once you have obtained convincing results with these first Smart Spaces, you can duplicate and extend them. to other markets, divisions or operating contexts within your company. You benefit from a consistent approach to innovation across different parts of your organization.
  4. To further strengthen your innovation stack, you can combine other high value-added modules. For example, you can integrate advanced features such as collaborative groupsthe blockchain or real-time communication tools, such as videoconferencing and advanced instant messaging. These complementary modules reinforce the capacity for innovation at the heart of your business processes.


MARYLINK lets you build a customized, high-performance innovation stack, directly integrated into your business processes.

Other innovation solutions on the market, while successful in their niche, are often confined to specific areas such as idea management, partner management or project management. They are generally used in parallel with business processes operated by other digital solutions. This approach creates silos and limits the integration of innovation at the very heart of business processes.




Hervé Mary is co-founder and CEO of MARYLINK. He has held senior positions in a number of companies, including Alcatel Fibre Optiques, Verizon and Fujitsu. He is a graduate of ESCP and holds an MBA from Chicago Booth.

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