Adapting GPT to your organizational context

This option enables GPT to better understand your organizational context, thanks to the information you provide (PDF, CSV, Word, Excel files, website data...). This makes GPT's answers even more relevant, since it uses knowledge specific to your organization.

This may involve understanding the vocabulary specific to your sector or organization, taking into account your priorities and objectives, or your documentation (your offers, your glossary, your FAQs, etc.).

GPT can in fact be trained on data specific to a particular organization, in order to capture its organizational context. For example, if your organization often uses the word "Java" to refer to the island located in Indonesia, rather than to the programming language, GPT will understand this and propose relevant answers to the question "Let me discover Java", without your members needing to specify that they're talking about the island.

This ability to adapt offers great flexibility and adaptability to theAI integrated by MARYLINK. For example, if your organization begins to use a new term, or to use an existing term in a new way, this information could be captured by an update to the machine learning system. What's more, because these systems are able to understand the meaning semanticsThey can be used to identify synonyms, related terms or terms that are used in a similar way, even if they are not exactly the same.

Finally, the interaction between (1) this knowledge, (2) the publications and (3) questions from your members can considerably improve the quality of contributions of your platform's users.

Thanks to this option for recognizing your organizational context, GPT can offer you a significant competitive advantage in many areas:

  1. Deep customization GPT can tailor its responses to the specific context of your organization. This can range from tailoring project recommendations to relevant training suggestions, facilitating meaningful collaborations, and much more.
  2. Operational efficiency GPT can understand and organize information to generate summaries, translations or other types of content, helping to significantly increase your operational efficiency. Benefits:
    • Reduces the time needed to find relevant information,
    • Identify opportunities for collaboration and development,
    • Understand trends and developments in your organization's innovation ecosystem.
  3. Continuous innovation GPT can help you identify emerging trends, unexpected links between ideas or projects, or unexplored opportunities for innovation. This can stimulate continuous innovation and help organizations stay at the forefront of their field.

🔒 We limit the data transferred to OpenAI to the strict minimum, your knowledge base being stored on an independent database. Furthermore, OpenAI undertakes not to use the data provided to it.




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