Smart spaces categories

On the Marylink platform, the " Smart Spaces " - virtual workspaces for collaboration and innovation - can be efficiently organized through the use of categories. This feature facilitates navigation and improves search efficiency for users.

Each Smart Space can be associated with one or more categories, depending on its content, purpose, target audience, etc.

Several space categories are already available in MARYLINK Core:

  • Ideas💡
  • Resources 🗂️
  • Sourcing 🔍
  • Predictionsđź”®
  • Problems🔥
  • Projects 🎯
  • Functionality📦
  • Conversations đź’¬

Platform administrators can easily manage categories, adding new ones or modifying existing ones to meet members' changing needs and interests.

đź’ˇYou can also create your own Smart spaces categories. For example, base your personalized categories on different fields such as technology, education, health, art, type of collaboration or according to your professions.

Users can search for Smart Spaces according to the categories that interest them, enabling them to quickly and easily find the spaces most relevant to their needs. In addition, categorization helps provide an overview of the different types of Smart Spaces available on the platform, which can stimulate new ideas and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

In short, the ability to categorize Smart Spaces on Marylink greatly enhances the user experience, making navigation easier while promoting collaboration and innovation.



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