Privacy Center (GDPR)

MARYLINK offers a range of privacy and data protection features as standard:

  1. "Forget Me When a user initiates a "Forget-me-not" request, an email is sent to the person responsible for personal data (the DPO) to have their personal data deleted from the website's databases. This process involves the identification and deletion of the user's personal data from all relevant databases.
  2. Data breach notification : In the event of a data breach, this feature helps to send timely notifications to users, ensuring transparency and compliance with RGPD requirements. This could happen automatically if suspicious conditions are detected, or manually by an administrator.
  3. Cookie popup : A popup informs users of the use of cookies on the platform. They must consent to this use before continuing to browse the site, in compliance with the RGPD.
  4. Contact the DPO A direct line to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), allowing users to ask questions or raise concerns about data protection.
  5. Privacy policy update emails This feature sends notifications to users whenever there are changes to the website's privacy policy.
  6. DMCA : It is possible to integrate the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), enabling rapid processing of copyright claims.
  7. Imprint This feature is useful for websites operating in certain jurisdictions such as Germany, where printing information is legally required.
  8. Media credits This feature can be activated to reference the authors of the media used on the platform, ensuring compliance with ethical and legal standards.
  9. Data rectification : This tool allows users to request changes to their personal data if they consider it inaccurate, in line with the "right of rectification" imposed by the RGPD.

These tools allow you to strengthen your platform's RGPD compliance, especially if you want to make content public.



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