In today's environment, more and more communities - be they professional, educational, social or otherwise - are turning to digital technology to facilitate communication, information sharing and collaboration. The need for effective digital tools tailored to their specific needs has never been greater.

What's more, with the emergence of the sharing economy and the rise of remote working, communities are becoming increasingly global, often transcending geographical boundaries. In this context, they need digital platforms that can manage this complexity and facilitate remote collaboration.

Moreover, in professional and educational communities in particular, collaborative innovation is increasingly valued. Members of these communities are encouraged to share ideas, participate in problem-solving and contribute to collective projects. As a result, these communities need tools that facilitate and stimulate collaborative innovation.

Communities also face information management challenges. With the increasing amount of information available, and the growing need for relevant and reliable information, they need tools that can help them to organize, manage and share information effectively.

A MARYLINK platform provides a multitude of solutions to meet the varied needs of communities:

  1. Facilitate communication and information sharing
    With MARYLINK, communities can have their own digital space, as a Smart Spaces and collaborative groupsThis is where members can share information, discuss issues and collaborate effectively. The tools of instant messaging and videoconferencing (audio and video calls) in particular, can make communication more fluid and interactive.
  2. Stimulating collaborative innovation
    Thanks to MARYLINK's collaborative innovation features, communities can take part in campaigns to select ideas, solve problems, organize hackathons and more. The collaborative process engine (Workflows) enables all these initiatives to be managed in a structured and efficient way (see e.g. IdeasHub Smart space).
  3. Managing the complexity of global communities
    MARYLINK is designed to facilitate remote collaboration and manage the complexity of global communities. Member management tools such as member lists themes, the invitations from members and the member profilescan help organize community members and facilitate their interaction.
  4. Help with information management
    MARYLINK offers tools for efficient information management, such as resource directories, conversational spaces, actionable fields for the documents and the media, etc. L'GPT integration can also help with information retrieval, rephrasing of questions, etc. publications to make them more convincing, etc.
  5. Adapting the platform to specific needs
    With the ability to customize Smart Spaces, profile fields, profile types, domain name, etc., MARYLINK enables each community to adapt the platform to its specific needs. What's more, services such as premium consulting and support connectors and automations (tailor-made), the custom-made construction of the platform, etc., can help to develop a more elaborate platform, better adapted to the community.

In short, MARYLINK offers a comprehensive and flexible platform that can help communities meet their current challenges and facilitate their operations in a more efficient and innovative way.



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