Connectors and automations

This module offers several advanced features to enhance the efficiency and integration of its services with your technical environment: connectors and customized automations.


Connectors let you integrate MARYLINK with other applications and services you already use, creating a smoother, more centralized workflow. For example, you could connect Marylink to your project management system, your team communications tool, your CRM or any other relevant application. This means you can synchronize data between these different services, automate tasks and improve overall efficiency.

Customized automations

Tailor-made automations allow Marylink users to configure automated tasks according to their specific needs. For example, you could set up an automation to send a notification every time a new publication is made in a certain Smart Space, or to automatically move tasks from one project to another based on certain conditions. These automations can help save time, reduce manual errors and improve the efficiency of your processes.




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