Tailor-made design

MARYLINK also offers the option of creating a fully customized platform to meet your organization's specific needs. This offer is ideal for organizations with special requirements in terms of functionality, navigation, personalization and automation.

Here is what is possible (for example):

  1. Customized ChatGPT integration : We can push theGPT integration depending on your needs. The possibilities are endless. For example, refine ChatGPT's response model (fine tuning), or have GPT learn certain information specific to your organization and useful to your members.
  2. Specific menus : If you want to go further in terms of customizable menus, you can have menus designed specifically for your organization (new layout, icons, new profile menu, integration of dynamic elements, and more).
  3. Smart Spaces, labels and tags made to measure We can help you set up workspaces, labels and tags specifically designed to meet your organization's needs. This can facilitate project management, collaboration and information retrieval.
  4. Modification of the navigation The platform can be configured with specific navigation to match your organization's structure and processes.
  5. Specific automations Specific automations can be implemented to optimize workflows and improve efficiency.
  6. Gamification The platform can incorporate game elements to encourage engagement and participation. This could include badges, points, leaderboards, challenges, etc.
  7. Dynamic web pages Dynamic web pages display different content depending on who is viewing them, the time of day, previous interactions, and so on. This enables richer interaction with users and the sharing of better-targeted information.
  8. Graphic customization You can customize the look and feel of your platform to match your brand. This can include colors, logos, images, typography and other graphic elements.
  9. Customized features Do you have a specific need that requires the addition or development of a new feature? Anything is possible!

and more!




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