Intermediate-sized companies (ETI) play a central role in the global economy. They are often the hinge between small local businesses and large multinationals, operating in a wide range of sectors. As a result, they face unique challenges in terms of digitization and innovation.

With digital transformation gaining momentum, small and medium-sized businesses are at a critical turning point. On the one hand, they have the opportunity to leverage technology to accelerate innovation, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. On the other, they must navigate a constantly changing technological landscape and manage the associated risks, such as cybersecurity and data protection.

For them, several latent needs emerge in this context:

  • The need for innovation To remain competitive, small and medium-sized businesses must constantly innovate - whether in terms of products, services or internal processes. They need tools that facilitate innovation by gathering ideas from all employees and enabling effective collaboration.
  • Remote collaboration : With their teams often geographically dispersed, small and medium-sized businesses need effective means of communicating and collaborating remotely. The tools of instant messagingvideo conferencing and data sharing documents are therefore essential.
  • Employee commitment : Like all companies, small and medium-sized businesses have to work hard to attract, retain and motivate their employees. Solutions from gamification and e-learning can play a key role in this effort.
  • Customer relationship management ETIs need tools that enable them to effectively manage their customer relationships, in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The safety and compliance : ETIs need to protect their data and comply with cybersecurity and privacy regulations. They therefore need solutions that focus on security.

It is in this context that the MARYLINK solution offers significant value. By combining functionality for innovation, collaboration, employee engagement, customer relationship management and security, a MARYLINK platform helps SMBs navigate the evolving digital landscape and thrive in the digital economy.

When you choose MARYLINK, you benefit from a host of advantages:

  1. Product Development : A MARYLINK platform makes it easy for teams to collaborate on product development. You can create a dedicated Smart Space for each product under development, where teams can share ideas, give feedback on prototypes and track project progress.
  2. Project Management : With MARYLINK, each project can have its own Smart Space, with clearly defined tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. This means better coordination, easier follow-up and more effective collaboration. What's more, thanks toGPT integrationYour members have a cognitive assistant to help them with their projects.
  3. Customer Support : With the Adapting GPT to your organizational contextWith AI, you can offer 24/7 automated customer support. AI can answer frequently asked questions, provide product information and help solve common problems, freeing up time for your customer support team to focus on more complex requests. The module questions & answers can also help your customers find answers to their problems.
  4. Training: The LMS option lets you offer training courses, where you can share learning resources, schedule training sessions via videoconferencing and track learners' progress.
  5. Cost optimization : By replacing multiple tools with a single platform, MARYLINK reduces the costs associated with purchasing multiple licenses, training employees on different tools and maintaining multiple systems.
  6. Collaboration with Research Centers : Whether you want to collaborate on a research project or simply share results, MARYLINK makes it easy to exchange information. You can create Smart Spaces specific to each collaboration, ensuring a clearly defined common workspace.
  7. Promotion and Brand Image: MARYLINK can be used as a direct communication channel with your customers, fostering communication, co-creation and federating your community. Natamment through optional modules Page Builder and events.
  8. Employee engagement : MARYLINK offers gamification features such as reputation points and badges. These game mechanics can be used to encourage positive contributions and stimulate healthy competition between employees.
  9. Integration with other systems : MARYLINK offers its own CRM integrated. But our platform can also be integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, content management system (CMS), and other tools your company already uses, enabling greater operational efficiency.
  10. White Label Platform and graphic personalization : MARYLINK lets you customize the look and feel of your platform to match your brand image. With graphic customization, you can choose the colors, logos and even the domain name of your platform, delivering a user experience that's in perfect alignment with your brand.

In conclusion, for a mid-sized company, MARYLINK is much more than just a collaboration platform. It's a complete, integrated solution that facilitates project management, internal and external collaboration, training, customer support, and even product promotion.

What's more, its ability to integrate with other systems and its customizability make it a flexible tool that adapts to your company's specific needs.

Choosing MARYLINK means investing in efficiency, innovation and the future of your business.




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