External members

External members are part of the Types of members standards. They correspond to members from outside your organization: they have permissions limited to view and edit content, as opposed to internal users.

The aim of this distinction? To encourage open innovation while maintaining control over what external (vs. internal) members of your projects can do and see.

External members can be experts in their field, potential customers, suppliers, partners or other stakeholders interested in innovation and collaboration.

💡 External members can be individuals, but also External organizations !

External members (or organizations) make a valuable contribution to the community by sharing their expertise, offering an external perspective and proposing new and innovative ideas. They can also help extend the community's reach and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders outside the organization.

They have limited access to certain functions:

  • They cannot consult the list of members
  • They don't have a cross-sectional view of the entire list of publications
  • They cannot consult old archived Publications (according to the Smart Spaces)
  • They generally have a very limited view of Publications evaluations.




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