Gamification is using the principles of play in a professional context to solve problems and stimulate motivation and commitment. It is often used to encourage users to participate in activities or processes by making them more fun and more engaging.

For example, it is possible to use the following mechanisms as incentives to motivate members to perform certain actions (assessing a certain number of publications(e.g. giving a number of ideas, spending time on the platform, helping others, etc.) and value them:

  • points
  • badges
  • rewards (material or symbolic)
  • levels
  • challenges
  • rankings...

As an option, MARYLINK allows you to create missions, points and levels related to your objectives, with the aim of motivating your members and enabling quantitative evaluation of contributions.

Gamification can be used to encourage users to continue participating in an innovation process over a long period of time, using progression paths that allow users to unlock additional levels or rewards by continuing to participate. It can also be used in the short term to make the co-creation experience more fun!




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