GPT Integration

Now it's your turn to enhance collective intelligence!

The integration of GPT into MARYLINK brings a whole new dimension of artificial intelligence to the user experience. It offers intelligent, contextualized support for each and every Smart Spaces and publications.

GPT is a language model formed by OpenAIwhich uses machine learning to understand and generate text.

By integrating GPT into MARYLINK, each member has his or her own virtual assistant in the form of a chat, ready to help! For example :

  • Translate or rephrase a text,
  • Develop an idea,
  • Find out about a subject,
  • Rewrite a publication to make it more convincing,
  • List the weak points of a proposal...

And that's not all! THE AI recognizes content of each smart space and publication, offering users even more relevant advice and insights!

How it works:

  1. A chatbot available in all smart spaces : Each Smart space (and its publications) has a chatbot, accessible to all members. They can open it at any time to get help or ask questions.
  2. An intelligent chatbot When a user asks a question or requests help in chat, GPT understands the context and generates an appropriate response. This can range from help on how to use the platform to contextual information on a specific publication.
  3. Innovation facilitation tools : We offer thinking and creativity tools based on GPT.

The integration of GPT into MARYLINK Core revolutionizes the way members interact and collaborate on the platform. It offers a personalized, context-sensitive level of support that enhances the user experience, promotes engagement and facilitates collaboration and innovation on the platform.

💡 This integration also features the Speech-to-text users can easily dictate their questions to GPT!

💡 It also enables image generation !

GPT integration offers many advantages over using ChatGPT in a separate window:

✅ Platform content is taken into account

When GPT is integrated into a MARYLINK platform, it has access to richer, more detailed context on the current conversation, publication or smart space. This means it can provide more relevant answers and precise answers to users' questions. Whereas ChatGPT in a separate window might not have access to this context, and therefore give less precise answers.

✅ AI for collaborative innovation

GPT is much better adapted to the specific needs of a collaborative innovation platform and its users than a ChatGPT window, because its integration has been the subject of very elaborate parameterization on the part of MARYLINK, to maximize the value that GPT can bring to collaborative innovation.

✅ A smooth user experience

Members don't need to leave the platform to get help. They can simply open the chat in their current workspace and get an immediate response. This makes the user experience smoother and more enjoyable.

✅ Always available

Unlike a separate ChatGPT window that might be offline or unavailable at certain times, GPT is always available in MARYLINK to help its users. And unlike human support, the GPT virtual assistant is available at all times. No matter when a user needs help, GPT is always there to answer questions.

✅ Optional: high adaptability to your business context

As an option, it is possible to have GPT "learn" some of your information to make it even more relevant when queried by platform users. To find out more, discover the option Adapting GPT to your organizational context.


With a MARYLINK platform,
discover collaborative innovation enhanced by GPT!




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