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Local authorities face a number of digital challenges in their public service mission. The issues are many and often overlapping. Here are some of the most significant.

  1. Digital transformation: Local authorities need to digitalize their services to meet citizens' expectations. This means investing in information technology and staff training. Digitization can make services more efficient and more accessible.
  2. CybersecurityDigitalization means that local authorities have to guarantee safety of the data they manage. For example ransomware are becoming increasingly frequent and can paralyze a community's operations.
  3. Digital inclusionNot all citizens are at ease with digital tools, and some do not have the necessary equipment or a quality Internet connection. Local authorities therefore have a duty not to exclude these people from public services, and must take steps to reduce the digital divide.
  4. Data protection and privacy: Local authorities manage a large amount of personal data. It's essential that they comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other data protection laws.
  5. Sustainable development and digital technology: Local authorities need to think about the environmental impact of digitalization. Digital infrastructures consume a lot of energy and produce electronic waste.
  6. Transparency and citizen participationDigital tools can enable greater transparency in public action and more active citizen participation. This is an important democratic challenge.

MARYLINK can help you address these issues in your local authority.

The MARYLINK platform provides solutions to these challenges:

1. Digital transformation

A MARYLINK platform is an all-in-one collaborative innovation tool that enables local authorities to digitize their services. This platform enables :

Automate processes
MARYLINK's integrated collaborative workflows (Smart Spaces and Workflows with steps) help automate and structure various internal processes, from project management to problem solving.

Facilitating communication
MARYLINK offers a number of tools to facilitate communication between local authority staff and citizens, including a instant messaging, the invitations from non-registered members to become members of the platform, an administrator blog, the newsletters and a page builder customized.

Education and training
MARYLINK offers a collaborative e-learning solution that can be used to train staff in new technologies and procedures.

Thanks to the platform's flexibility, communities can tailor MARYLINK to their specific needs, whether they're managing innovation programs, ideation programs, selection programs, and so on.

2. Inclusion and citizen participation

*GPT integration in MARYLINK offers cognitive assistance to users, making the platform easier to use even for those unfamiliar with digital tools.

At the same time, thanks to smart spaces (and Smart spaces models), MARYLINK can host innovation, idea selection and project campaigns that encourage active citizen participation. Transparency is also ensured by clear collaborative processes and the ability for administrators to regularly share updates and results with the community.

3. Promoting the economic fabric

MARYLINK can play a key role in stimulating local economic activity. By enabling local companies startups, the SMEs and other economic players to collaborate and exchange ideas, MARYLINK fosters innovation and economic growth. This is particularly true of the various member profiles , partners with the internal organizations, and potential new contacts with external organizations. In addition, the platform can be used to organize challenges or hackathons, which can stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship within the community.

4. Communication

MARYLINK supports communication within the community. Thanks to its instant messaging and data sharing system documentsMARYLINK facilitates institutional communication as well as communication between citizens. The point-and-click web page builder lets you create and customize web pages for a variety of city information and initiatives. Not only does this make it possible to disseminate information efficiently, it also promotes the community's culture and identity. Theevents allows you to highlight events, and the newsletter module makes it easy to distribute information.

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of digitalization. MARYLINK understands this and has integrated several measures to ensure data security:

Management of permissions: MARYLINK offers a fine-tuned permissions managementThis allows administrators to control who can access what, and under what conditions. This helps minimize the risk of unauthorized data access.

Respect for privacy and protection of personal dataMARYLINK has a Privacy Center (GDPR) to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

Intellectual Property MARYLINK offers a module to protect your intellectual property with the blockchain.

Digital security training MARYLINK offers a turnkey solution to facilitate digital inclusion and strengthen transparency and citizen participation.

➡️ Find out more about IT security for a MARYLINK platform


A MARYLINK platform can support innovative and inclusive initiatives from all types of local authorities.




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