Fine tuned permissions management

 For controlled, targeted interactions

One of Marylink's main strengths lies in its ability to finely manage permissions within the Smart SpacesThis gives you precise control over the interactions between the various members of your innovation ecosystem.

In an innovation ecosystem, participants can be internal members or external members to the organization: customers, users, partners, consultants, researchers, and sometimes even your competitors... Some may be active innovators, others may be experts in a particular field, still others may be observers or evaluators.

So it's important to allow them to join your platforms, but with different roles, responsibilities and levels of access. A MARYLINK platform makes it possible to precisely define who can see what, who can participate in what, and who can interact in what way.

For example, you can configure one of the Smart Spaces so that only certain users or groups of users can view or participate in a specific stage of an innovation project. This can be particularly useful when you want to involve specific experts in certain phases of a project. steps of the process, or when you want to limit the visibility of certain sensitive information.

What's more, you can control who can view or interact with different publications, public comments, private comments, experts' reviewsuser feedback, economic evaluations, etc. And so.., you ensure that the right people can see and react to the right information, at the right time.


For open innovation

By allowing precise control over who can see and interact with what, a MARYLINK platform facilitates collaboration with, for example startups or experts, while preserving confidentiality and the safety information. For example, you can allow a start-up or an expert to participate in a specific phase of an innovation project, while restricting their access to other sensitive information.

Similarly, a MARYLINK platform can be used to source solutions from competitors or other external players. You can share specific problems or innovation challenges, invite external players to propose solutions, and evaluate and discuss these solutions while controlling access to information and preserving confidentiality.

For internal innovation

A MARYLINK platform is also very useful for managing internal interactions. Different departments or teams may need access to different levels of information. With MARYLINK, you can share information selectivelyThis can facilitate internal collaboration, improve coordination and avoid information silos. This can facilitate internal collaboration, improve coordination and avoid information silos.

MARYLINK's fine-grained permissions management gives you precise control and exceptional flexibility to manage interactions in an innovation ecosystem.

This enables you to effectively manage collaboration, protect sensitive information, maximize targeted engagement and promote an open, efficient and controlled innovation culture.




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