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The Q&A module is an ideal tool for a collaborative innovation platform, enabling users to ask questions and get answers from other members, on current ideas, projects and challenges, or on any other subject. It helps to gather information and knowledge and make it accessible to all members.

âś… Thanks to the "best answers" markers, it's easy to capitalize and avoid members asking the same question twice!

Key features :

  • vote for answers
  • mark answers as best/excellent/good answer
  • categorize questions
  • search for questions by keyword
  • set up notifications for users to inform them of new answers or updates on tracked questions
  • configure roles and permissions for users to limit possible actions
  • administrators can moderate questions and answers
  • members can report contentious answers or questions

This tool can help facilitate collaboration and communication between community members by enabling users to ask questions and receive answers from other, more experienced users.

It can also help reduce barriers to participation by enabling users to find answers to their questions about current projects, and thus foster the creation of an active, involved community.




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