Members reviews

Member reviews (or evaluations) are a valuable tool for assessing the quality of ideas, projects and contributions submitted to the Smart Spaces by the other members.

Reviews can be collected via ratings on tailored criteria, such as originality, feasibility, user impact or innovation. The reviews form a 5-star rating for each criterion, which is then automatically averaged.

These ratings can be displayed as a multi-criteria star rating, allowing users to quickly understand the overall quality of the contribution.

Opinions can also be represented graphically as radars, allowing users to quickly visualize the strengths and weaknesses of a specific contribution and easily compare contributions to each other. This visualization can also help members identify areas in which a contribution is particularly strong or weak, which can be useful in improving their publications.

Please note

✅ You can choose your own criteria and their number.

🤖 Thanks to theGPT integrationMembers can get additional information and help in formulating their feedback!

See also: Experts reviews



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