Experts reviews

The experts' opinions are integrated to provide an accurate and in-depth assessment of ideas, projects, contributions and other contributions. publications community members.

Here's how the expert reviews work:

Invitation of experts

Members can easily be appointed as experts on any of the following topics Smart Spaceson a set of publications or on a single publication using collaborative features such as invitations and the widgets. Invitations allow users to receive notification of their responsibilities and expected expertise, while widgets provide visualizations and tools for contributing to the project or publication. This enables project managers to effectively communicate expectations and responsibilities to experts, while providing them with the tools they need to contribute productively.

Evaluation of contributions

Experts evaluate contributions using a set of tailored criteria, such as originality, feasibility, impact on users and innovation. They assign scores to each criterion, which are then combined to give an overall assessment of the contribution.

Comments and recommendations

In addition to rating, the experts provide detailed comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the contributions, as well as suggestions for improvements and future developments. These comments are invaluable in helping members to refine their ideas and projects.

Viewing notices

Expert opinions are displayed on the platform in various forms, such as multi-criteria star ratings and radar graphs. These visualizations enable community members to quickly understand the overall quality of the contribution, and to compare one contribution with another.

Visibility control

It is possible to define who can view expert reviews on the platform. Reviews can be visible to all members, or only to certain users, such as project managers or administrators. In addition, it is possible to define which level of information is visible to each user group. For example, you can define that all users see all reviews, with an overall average of the quality of contributions. Alternatively, you can define that only project managers or administrators see individual expert opinions, but that other community members only see an overall rating. Finally, it is possible to decide not to show reviews to anyone, in cases where confidentiality is a priority.

Interaction with members

Experts can also interact with members to discuss their opinions, answer questions and offer additional support.

Please note

✅ You can choose your own criteria and their number.

⚠️ For an expert to be appointed, he or she must have an account on the platform (i.e. be part of the internal members or external members).

🤖 Thanks to theGPT integrationexperts can obtain additional information and help in formulating their feedback!

By integrating expert opinions in this way, a MARYLINK platform enables informed, in-depth assessments, while offering valuable support to members in improving and developing their ideas and projects.

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