Smart Spaces models

The models of Smart Spaces are pre-configured Smart Spaces where :

With Smart space templates, you can easily launch a project, hackathon or issue tracker on your collaborative platform.

💡You can also create your own Smart Space templates, with customized tools, permissions and steps.

MARYLINK Core offers the following models as standard:

💡You can duplicate these templates and modify them as you wish!

These smart spaces are generic, with a generic GPT. MARYLINK can tailor GPT to your processes. Each step is supported by a customized GPT for greater precision and productivity.
This is an additional service that is not included in these models.

Indeed, when you opt for a generic collaboration space using a generic GPT, you benefit from a prefabricated solution, which can meet basic collaboration needs. However, this may not be fully aligned with the specifics of your unique business processes. That's where MARYLINK comes in with its customized offering.

With MARYLINK, we go far beyond a generic approach. Every stage of your collaborative process will be reinforced by GPT support specially tailored to your precise needs. This customization ensures that the responses, suggestions and interactions generated by GPT are perfectly matched to your company's specific requirements.

The customization process begins with a thorough analysis of your processes and requirements. This will determine what information, suggestions and GPT interactions need to be integrated at each stage. We work closely with you to understand your unique objectives and challenges.

We then undertake the customized development of each GPT support. Each stage of the collaborative process will be enriched by targeted answers and recommendations to optimize accuracy and productivity. This customization allows us to better reflect your company's terminology, challenges and specificities.

It's important to note that this GPT customization is a separate, additional service. Unlike generic models, this customization requires an additional investment to develop, calibrate and adjust GPT to your specific needs. However, the benefits of this customization are considerable.



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