This module lets you send newsletters to all platform members.

  • Choose titles, images, links and content to send to members.
  • Send as many newsletters as you want, when you want.
  • Get opening rate statistics.

A newsletter offers many advantages to members of a MARYLINK collaborative innovation platform. These include

  1. Regular communication : Maintain regular communication with platform members. This can include updates on the latest projects, upcoming events, collaboration opportunities and new platform features.
  2. Promoting opportunities : The newsletter can be used as a channel to promote collaboration opportunities, such as calls for projects, competitions or partnership requests. Members can be informed of opportunities to contribute to exciting projects and connect with other innovators.
  3. Sharing best practices: The newsletter can include articles, case studies or interviews highlighting the successes and best practices of platform members. This encourages mutual learning and enables members to draw inspiration from the experiences of others.
  4. Community building : A well-designed newsletter can help strengthen the sense of belonging to a community of innovators. It can include testimonials, inspiring stories, community events, member meet-ups and other content to help connect participants.
  5. Feedback and participation: The newsletter can encourage members to give their opinions, share their ideas or take part in polls and surveys. This helps involve members in the platform's decision-making process, and collect valuable information for its continuous improvement.

As part of a collaborative innovation platform, a newsletter plays an essential role in keeping members engaged and fostering collaboration within the platform.




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