In a collaborative innovation workflow internship gates such as Smart Spaces MARYLINK, permissions are crucial for :

  • ensure quality and safety information,
  • foster better collaboration and more effective innovation,
  • avoid conflicts and mistakes.

The permissions in the Smart spaces are rules that determine the actions and information to which users have access depending on their role, their level of authorization and the steps of the project (stage-gate workflow). These permissions can vary according to the different stages of the workflow, with different levels of access for each stage.

Permissions may include:

  • The visualization of projects and publications
  • Participation in discussions and comments
  • Adding or modifying publications
  • The visibility of assessments and the ability to assess
  • Approval or rejection of publications
  • and more!

Thanks to the fine-tuned permissions managementyou have a high level of granularity every step of the way a publication, which you can edit to suit your needs.

đź’ˇ Permissions are compatible with Member lists.


Application example

  1. In the first stage of the workflow, users can only view projects and publications, but cannot participate in them.
  2. In the second stage, users can take part in discussions and comments, but cannot add or modify publications.
  3. Finally, in the third stage, users can add or modify publications, but must obtain approval or rejection before they are published on the platform.




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