Custom profile fields

Profile fields can be customized, to add specific fields such as areas of expertise, skills, projects worked on, etc.

This helps us to better understand each member's skills and interests.

Marylink also offers advanced conditional fields in member profiles. This means that certain fields may appear or disappear depending on the answers or characteristics entered by a member.

For example, if a member declares themselves as an organization rather than an individual, then additional organization-specific fields may appear. These fields could include information such as organization type, number of employees, areas of activity, head office location, etc.

Conversely, these specific fields will not be visible or necessary for a member who declares himself as an individual. This person may have to fill in different fields that are more relevant to an individual, such as his or her area of expertise, skills, etc.

These conditional fields make profiles more flexible and adaptable, depending on the specific needs of individual users. types of members on Marylink. It also makes profiles more precise and relevant, facilitating collaboration and communication between members.




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