The MARYLINK platform is positioned at the forefront of collective intelligence 🧠 and collaborative innovation, blending human contributions and artificial intelligence 🤖.

It rests on two pillars:

  • push" 🚀, where users enrich the AI with their knowledge,
  • the "term-pull", where they solicit AI for targeted information 🔍.

In the "push" section, users feed the platform with contextual data. This data is then processed by AI to produce analyses tailored to the needs of each organization. Tools 🛠 guarantee the quality of these contributions, from peer reviews to expert reviews.

The "pull" enables AI insights to be exploited 💡. Tailored to each project 📋, this process is supported by forms, a responsive chatbot 🤖 and online help, ensuring an optimal user experience.

The push-pull model of the MARYLINK platform, although initially focused on knowledge management and collaborative innovation, has a versatility that enables it to be applied in a multitude of areas and processes within organizations.


📞 Customer service Customer service: Agents can feed AI with frequently encountered customer service scenarios (push) and, in return, obtain optimal responses or resolution strategies (pull) to improve the customer experience.

📈 Marketing Marketers can input campaign data, market trends or competitor analysis (push) and extract insights, strategies or customized forecasts (pull) to refine their efforts.

🧘 Coaching Coaches can integrate methodologies, case studies or feedback (push) and receive advice, techniques or strategies adapted to specific situations (pull).

📋 Project management Project managers can provide details of current tasks, resources and constraints (push). In return, they can obtain recommendations for better resource allocation, potential risks or solutions to overcome obstacles (pull).

💼 Commercial activity Sales: Sales teams can feed AI with information on sales trends, customer feedback or challenges encountered (push). AI can then provide sales strategies, trend predictions or negotiation techniques (pull).

💻 IT IT professionals can share problems, system configurations or source code (push), and receive optimized solutions, alerts and more in return. safety or pull recommendations.

Thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt to context, MARYLINK's "push-pull" model can truly transform and optimize a variety of organizational processes, offering added value in almost any field of activity.

How does it work?


The term "push" in the context of MARYLINK refers to feeding a generative 🔀 and contextualized artificial intelligence with quality content.

MARYLINK's AI is designed to understand and adapt to the specific context of each organization using the platform.

In this "push" process, users share their expertise 📚, ideas 💡, knowledge, and other high-quality content that is specific to their organization. Once validated, these contributions then feed the generative AI, which uses them to develop new information and insights, while adapting to each organization's unique context.

This enables AI to provide analyses that are relevant 📊 and useful for each organization, taking into account its specificities, field of activity, culture, challenges and objectives 🎯. AI can then generate information that is not only accurate, but also contextually relevant and useful.

The content curation tools on MARYLINK 🛠 play an essential role in this process. They are available within smart spaces or AI-enhanced customized workflows.

User contributions can be evaluated by peer ratings, expert reviews 🎓 and more :

The Pull

⬇️ In the context of MARYLINK, the term "pull" refers to the ability of users to draw information from the platform's generative artificial intelligence. In other words, users are able to extract contextually relevant knowledge produced by the AI at every stage of a collaborative innovation process.

With 🤖 theGPT integrationusers can "draw" information from AI for a variety of purposes, including steps of an innovation project, whether to initiate an idea, develop a solution , solve problems or make decisions 📈. Generative AI, which is powered by quality user contributions, is able to provide accurate and contextually relevant information tailored to each phase of the innovation process.

To facilitate access to this information, MARYLINK offers customized forms 📝 that users can use to specify their information needs. In addition, to help users navigate the platform efficiently and maximize the use of AI, MARYLINK offers online help and a chatbot.



Hervé Mary is co-founder and CEO of MARYLINK. He has held senior positions in a number of companies, including Alcatel Fibre Optiques, Verizon and Fujitsu. He is a graduate of ESCP and holds an MBA from Chicago Booth.

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