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The advanced search enables users to quickly find the right publications that match their needs. It allows you to sort or search for publications according to a wide range of criteria:

This feature is very useful for users who are looking for specific publications, such as ideas or projects in a particular field, or publications that have been positively rated by users, or publications that have a certain number of likes. Users can also search for publications that have been written by a specific author.

In addition, this feature allows users to search for publications that are linked to a specific space, that are recruiting members or that are the most active. This enables users to find publications that meet their needs and participate in those that interest them.

As for the smart spacesthe same principle can be found in the Smart spaces categories. This makes it possible to classify and sort potentially hundreds of spaces!

Advanced search enables users to easily find publications and Smart spaces that match their needs using multiple search criteria. This results in a better user experience and improved access to relevant information.




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