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Schools and universities are in the midst of a digital transformation. This context is fueled by several factors:

  • Distance learning : Since the Covid-19 pandemic, distance learning has become a necessity for many educational establishments. This has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies for teaching, communication and collaboration.
  • The need for collaboration Group projects, research and other educational initiatives require effective collaboration between students, teachers and sometimes even external partners. There is a growing need for solutions that facilitate remote collaboration.
  • Pedagogical innovation There's a constant drive for innovation in education to improve student engagement, encourage active learning and prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. This can include integrating technology into teaching, developing new pedagogical approaches, experimenting with new learning formats and so on.
  • Communication with students and stakeholders Schools and universities need to communicate effectively with students, parents, employees, partners and other stakeholders. This can include announcing events, disseminating information, gathering feedback, etc.
  • Information management : Educational establishments have a vast amount of information to manage, from teaching resources to administrative data. There is a growing need for solutions that enable this information to be managed efficiently and securely.
  • The need for inclusion Educational institutions aim to create an inclusive environment for all students, including those who may have specific needs due to geographical location, socio-economic status, disability, etc. This requires solutions that enable all students to access resources and participate in educational activities. This requires solutions that enable all students to access resources and participate in educational activities.

MARYLINK offers a wide range of solutions for schools and universities to facilitate education, communication and collaboration thanks to its many features, including the Learning Management System :

  1. Collaboration and communication
    The functionalities of instant messaging and videoconferencing (audio and video calls) facilitate communication between students, teachers and all stakeholders. Visit Smart Spaces provide an ideal setting for group projects or research work.
  2. Learning Management System
    MARYLINK includes an integrated LMS option, enabling teachers to easily manage courses, assignments, assessments and monitor student progress. This creates a structured and organized learning environment, which is particularly important for distance or blended learning.
  3. Information management
    MARYLINK allows you to centralize and manage all your documents, videos and other educational resources. With its advanced searchIn this way, users can easily find the information they're looking for.
  4. Communities
    Thanks to collaborative groupsMARYLINK facilitates the creation of communities around various topics or areas of interest. These spaces for dialogue and exchange encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas between students and teachers. It's just as easy to send Newsletters to keep members up to date with the latest news.
  5. Event organization
    Thanks to theeventsIn addition, we can organize academic events such as hackathons, competitions and conferences that encourage innovation and collaboration.
  6. Gamification
    MARYLINK's gamification features can make learning more interactive and motivating, by awarding rewards for taking part in discussions, submitting ideas or completing tasks.
  7. Inclusion
    *GPT integration in MARYLINK promotes inclusion by enabling every user to find answers to their questions, explore new ideas, obtain translations or get advice on formulating their content.
  8. Customization
    MARYLINK offers a graphic personalization for each institution, allowing the creation of personalized profiles customized profile fields, the customizable menus for navigation, and the possibility of having a white label platform, etc.

A MARYLINK platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to help schools and universities adapt to today's digital age. It facilitates collaboration, innovation and learning, while creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment.




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