IdeasHub Smart space

A smart space for brainstorming and sharing ideas.

Among the Smart SpacesThe IdeasHub smart space is designed to facilitate brainstorming and idea sharing:

The Smart space IdeasHub is structured in 4 steps :

  1. Submission Your users can publish and modify ideas in the form of publications. Users can also comment on submitted ideas, either publicly with public comments for open discussion, or with private comments for more confidential feedback. What's more, all users can vote for the ideas they prefer, enabling an initial selection of popular ideas.
  2. Under evaluation This stage is intended for the evaluation of ideas (on a rolling or batch basis). Only private comments are allowed. This allows for more in-depth discussions and feedback on specific points without exposing all discussions to the entire user community. Inviting new team members and applying to join the team are also possible at this stage, enabling the review team to be expanded if necessary.
  3. Expertise Smart Space offers the possibility of inviting external experts or groups to contribute their knowledge and experience. This improves the quality of ideas and can lead to more innovative solutions.
  4. Archiving Once discussions are over, ideas can be archived. This means that they are retained for future reference, but are no longer active for discussion or voting. Archiving can be useful for future projects or for auditing purposes.

IdeasHub offers a collaborative solution for sharing ideas, brainstorming, and selecting and co-constructing ideas, while ensuring confidentiality of discussions when necessary (thanks to permissions).

Example: header of an idea submitted to IdeasHub

🎯 Benefits

🤝 Collaboration This smart space enables several members to work together on the same idea. Users can share their ideas, receive feedback and work together to refine and select the best ideas. This space can also incorporate feedback from external experts or individual members.

Privacy Private comments are visible only to the authors of the ideas commented on and to the space administrator. This allows for discreet communication and confidential feedback, which can be useful in encouraging sincere exchanges and the development of innovative ideas.

Efficiency The space structures the idea selection process by enabling users to submit, review and select ideas in a single location. This eliminates the need for multiple communication channels and reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

Expertise : The possibility of inviting experts or member lists offers access to a wider range of knowledge and experience. This can improve the quality of ideas and lead to more innovative solutions.

Archiving : The space allows archiving of previous submissions and reviews. This provides a useful reference list for future projects or for auditing purposes.




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