Internal Hackathon Smart space

A Smart Space for internal innovators

This Smart Space is reserved for internal users only. It's an internal space for organizing and managing hackathons within your organization. It enables internal members submit ideas and collaborate on selected projects.


This Smart Space, dedicated to internal hackathons, operates in four phases steps keys :

  1. Submission During this phase, internal users can submit their project ideas for the hackathon. They can also take part in discussions about the project, through public comments or private comments. This is the stage where creativity is encouraged and where all employees can put forward their innovative ideas.
  2. Evaluation Once the ideas have been submitted, they are evaluated by the experts you select. This phase enables proposals to be evaluated and, if necessary, discussed in greater detail, clarified or even debated as to their feasibility. Private and public comments continue to be available for these discussions.
  3. Pre-selection After the review phase, projects are pre-selected. This is when the invitation and application process for team members begins. Internal users can apply to join the project teams that interest them. In addition, pre-selected projects are reviewed by experts to assess their feasibility, potential impact and timeframe.
  4. Selected project Finally, after the pre-selection phase, the projects are officially selected for the hackathon. User and expert evaluations, as well as average estimates for the selected projects, are posted for all internal users. This provides total transparency on the selection process and allows everyone to see which projects have been chosen and why.



Overall, this Smart Space facilitates the organization and management of in-house hackathons. It encourages collaboration and innovation, while offering a structured process for submitting, discussing, evaluating and selecting projects.

Benefits to users include:

  • Simplified, organized process for managing hackathon projects
  • Opportunity for team members to contribute ideas and collaborate on projects
  • Clear visibility of project progress and feedback
  • Efficient selection process for the most promising projects

The space operates in several stages, including "Submission", "Evaluation", "Pre-selected" and "Selected project", with different permissions for each stage. All in all, this smart space offers an excellent platform for organizing in-house hackathons.




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