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A Smart Space Roadmap for new functionalities.

This Smart Space is designed to facilitate the development of new functionalities, thanks to an online workflow. steps and the possibility of involving users in the development process of a new product or service.

The whole process aims to create a transparent and collaborative development environment, where user feedback can be taken into account at every stage.

This Smart Space works in four key stages:

  1. Suggestions and Votes Submission Step : In this first phase, users are invited to submit their ideas for new features. They can also vote on other users' suggestions. This is a key moment for participation and collaboration, as ideas are shared and debated. All users, internal and external, can participate in this phase.
  2. Suggestions Selection Stage : After the submission and voting period, suggestions are reviewed and the most popular or relevant ones are selected to move on to the next stage. This may be determined by the number of votes, the feasibility of the suggestion, or a combination of factors. Only members of the development team or administrators can make this selection.
  3. Selected Suggestions Estimation Step : Once the suggestions have been selected, we move on to the estimation stage. This is where users and experts estimate the time and resources needed to develop the proposed functionality. This makes it possible to assess the feasibility and cost of each suggestion, which helps in the final decision.
  4. Archived Suggestions stage : Finally, once the estimates have been completed and final decisions made, the suggestions are moved to the archive. This keeps track of ideas that have been submitted and reviewed, even if they have not been selected for development. Archived suggestions remain accessible for consultation, which can be useful for inspiration or reference in the future.



For users:

  • Involvement: Users can actively contribute to the development process, which can lead to greater satisfaction and a sense of ownership.
  • Transparency: Users have visibility over the development process and can see how their contributions are taken into account.
  • Improving the User Experience : By integrating user feedback into the development process, the user experience can be improved and the product can be better adapted to their needs.
  • Opportunity to join the Development Team : For users who are passionate about a selected feature, they can apply to join the team responsible for its development, thus increasing their impact on the product.

For administrators :

  • Idea gathering: The space makes it easy to collect ideas and suggestions from users for new features.
  • Prioritization: By allowing users to vote on suggestions, administrators can get a better idea of which features are most in demand and should be given priority.
  • Effective Planning: Thanks to the estimation step, administrators can obtain precise estimates of the time and resources required to develop each feature.
  • Archiving : Suggestions that have been reviewed and completed are moved to the "Archived Suggestions" stage, creating a useful history of features that have been developed and feedback received.




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