Smart space Predictions

A smart space for collective forecasting

In this Smart Space, your members can easily give their opinion on one of the publications (e.g. a new feature, an idea...), indicating their estimate:

  • development time ⏲️
  • of the cost💰
  • of anticipated gains 📈

💡 You can easily modify these three standard criteria to use the ones you want! For example: estimate the number of units that will be sold, estimate the evolution of the satisfaction rate, etc.

It's a great way to benefit from the "wisdom of crowds"!
✅ Predict the success or development time of your innovations
✅ Involve your members in decision-making
✅ Get more reliable estimates

How it works

Any member can post a publication (a new idea, a new strategy, a new product...). Other members give their opinion on three indicators: time needed, estimated costs and expected gains. The result of these estimates (the median) is an estimate that can be very relevant! To end a prediction, the author archives the publication.

There are several advantages to using this smart space:

  1. Using the "wisdom of crowds": The collective forecasting smart space is based on the principle of the "wisdom of crowds", which suggests that collective estimation can be much more accurate and precise than individual decision-making (or that of a small number of experts). In this way, users can benefit from the collective expertise of the community to make more informed decisions.
  2. Improved forecast accuracy : By gathering the opinions of multiple evaluators, this Smart Space provides a more accurate estimate of the feasibility of an idea, the time needed to realize it, the cost and the potential gains.
  3. Save time and effort: This smart space makes it possible to obtain advice and forecasts quickly and efficiently, without the need for costly surveys or exhaustive research. This can help users save time and effort in their decision-making process.
  4. Commitment and a sense of belonging : Including your members in the forecasts, and therefore in the decision-making process, makes your processes more open, which in turn fosters member involvement and a sense of active participation in the life of your organization.


  • The more evaluators, the better: the more evaluators there are, the more accurate the forecast.
  • Diversity is essential: the more diverse the evaluators, the more accurate the forecast.
  • "Keep it to yourself" 🤐 : users should avoid sharing results until the prediction is complete! (note: results are hidden from users until they have submitted their estimates).

💡 You can adapt or clone this Smart space to get forecasts from certain members only.




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