Resources Smart space

Resources 📚

A smart space for collaborative resource sharing

Smart Space key features

  • Users can share documents, the videos and other resources (content, files, etc.).
  • Many permissions can be defined to enable internal and external users to access and contribute to the space.
  • Users can like and leave comments public comments on resources for feedback and discussion.
  • Resources can be archived for future reference.

💡ASTUCE: THEGPT integration allows users to quickly search for additional information, correct spelling, translate content or improve the writing style of resources. Just ask the chatbot!

🎯 Benefits

  • Easy access and sharing of resources between team members and external stakeholders
  • Improved collaboration and communication thanks to feedback and discussions on shared resources
  • Reduces the need for multiple communication channelswith its simplified process for sharing and accessing resources
  • Security and confidentiality shared resources through permissions
  • Efficient archiving and capitalization resources for future use and reference




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