SolveHub Smart space,

A smart space for collaborative problem-solving

Among the Smart SpacesSolveHub enables users to collectively manage their problems using publications complemented by the possibility of inviting others to join the team and public comments and private comments.


This Smart Space is made up of four steps.

In the "Submit" step, users can :

  • publish and modify publications,
  • vote on the issues,
  • apply to join the team (see: publications team).

In the "In progress" and "Under review" stages, users can comment on publications.

In the "Resolved" stage, users can continue to comment publicly, but cannot vote.

🎯 Benefits

For users

  1. Effective problem solving SolveHub provides a space for collective problem management. This leads to faster, more efficient problem solving through collaboration.
  2. Closer collaboration The ability to comment both publicly and privately enables better collaboration between team members, which can improve the quality of proposed solutions.
  3. Problem tracking Users can easily follow the progress of problems, keeping them informed and contributing when necessary.
  4. Access control Users can only view and participate in tasks if they have been invited to do so, ensuring that only the right people have access to the relevant information.

For administrators :

  1. Centralized problem management Administrators can manage all problems from a single location, making them easier to monitor and resolve.
  2. User Engagement By enabling users to actively participate in problem-solving, SolveHub can help boost user engagement.
  3. Security data Private comments and visibility of issues are carefully controlled, helping to maintain data security and confidentiality.




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