Smart space TaskHub

Smart Space for task management

Among the Smart SpacesThis allows you to manage your tasks efficiently, with permissions and accessibility for your platform's different users.

Designed for task management, it offers two main features steps Active Tasks and Archived Tasks.


Active tasks

Archived tasks

Authors can archive the publication once the task has been completed.


🎯 Benefits

For users:

  1. Efficient task management TaskHub offers a clear, structured solution for managing tasks, enabling members to create, modify and track tasks with ease.
  2. Improved collaboration With the ability to publish both public and private comments, users can collaborate effectively.
  3. Access control Users can control who can see and participate in a task based on the invitation, guaranteeing confidentiality and relevance of participation.
  4. Task archiving Once a task has been completed, it can be archived, facilitating future reference and workflow management.

For administrators :

  1. Centralized management TaskHub: With TaskHub, administrators can manage all tasks from a single location, making monitoring and supervision easier.
  2. Customizable permissions Administrators can define access permissions for different tasks and users, giving them fine-grained control over who can do what.
  3. User Engagement By enabling users to actively collaborate and participate in task management, TaskHub can help improve user engagement.
  4. Security data Private comments and task visibility are carefully controlled by permissions, helping to maintain data security and confidentiality.




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