Startups are recognized as key drivers of innovation and economic transformation. They are characterized by their agility, entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to adopt emerging technologies. However, despite their energy and dynamism, they also face distinct challenges that require specialized solutions.

  • Lack of resources Unlike large companies, startups often have limited resources, including time, staff and capital. This means they need to maximize the efficiency of their operations and constantly look for ways to do more with less.
  • The need for continuous innovation Startups survive and thrive on innovation. To remain competitive, they must constantly generate new ideas and rapidly transform them into marketable products or services.
  • Collaboration and communication : Because of their smaller size and less formalized structure, collaboration and communication are of vital importance within startups. Effective tools are needed to facilitate these processes and keep everyone on the same wavelength.
  • Growth and scale Startups are in urgent need of rapid growth. They need solutions that can grow with them as they grow, without requiring massive investment in capital or resources.
  • Community and network For startups, access to a wider network of mentors, experts, investors, other startups and potential customers is essential. They need platforms that can help establish and manage these networks.

In this context, a MARYLINK platform is extremely valuable. Its range of collaboration, project management, community-building and innovation support features can help startups overcome their unique challenges and achieve their ambitious goals.

Here's how a startup can take full advantage of MARYLINK's features:

  1. Product planning and collaboration
    Using the IdeasHub Smart space dedicated to the ideation or Smart space New features,
    the startup can not only gather ideas, but also allow the whole team to vote for the most promising ones and evaluate them according to a customizable multi-criteria grid, thanks to the integrated tools of' members reviews. The collaborative process engine (Workflows) of the Smart Spaces makes it easy to follow each idea through steps development. Visit collaborative groups for easy creation of workgroups, and theGPT integration accelerates the discovery of insights and the formulation of impactful proposals.
  2. Recruitment management
    Startups can easily set up a smart space dedicated to talent selection. Thanks to membership applications, the invitations from members in the publication teams and the private commentsThe company can manage the hiring process efficiently and transparently.
  3. Real-time discussions
    The advanced instant messaging with audio and video calls or group calls enables seamless communication between team members, whether in the same office or remotely. It could also be used for real-time discussions with customers or other stakeholders.
  4. Bug or problem management
    With the SolveHub Smart space,With our dedicated problem management tool, the startup can manage incidents, bugs and difficulties as they arise, enabling the team to respond rapidly. It can then organize the various tasks with the smart space taskhub.
  5. Communicating with and engaging your community
    Thanks to the page builder with point-and-click functionality, the management team can create and manage pages for each department, facilitating collaboration between teams. Visit advanced analytics and customizable modules make it easy to track key performance indicators, such as community engagement and growth, number of problems solved, and so on. Start-ups can also use theevents to create and manage events, such as workshops, training sessions or networking events. User Multiblogs supported by native ChatGPT provide a solution for members to share their experiences, increasing engagement and the sense of belonging to the community.
  6. Customization
    Thanks to the graphic personalization and the white label platformWith MARYLINK, the startup can customize the appearance of a MARYLINK platform to reflect its brand and identity.
  7. Gamification
    The use of gamification can boost employee and customer engagement, by awarding points and rewards for certain actions. It can also be useful for encouraging participation in innovation challenges.

These use cases represent just a small fraction of what a MARYLINK platform can offer. Its versatility means that it can be adapted to meet the multitude of needs specific to each startup.




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