A "step" or a "stage" in the Smart Spaces MARYLINK refers to a specific phase in the ongoing collaboration or innovation process. There are usually several stages in a smart space, each with its own rules and permissions for participating members.

For example, in a Smart Space for a startupssteps could include :

  • Proposal Submission: At this stage, participants can submit their startup ideas for the competition.
  • Sub-assessment : submitted proposals are evaluated by a panel of internal and external judges. Members' comments and assessments may also be taken into account.
  • Pre-selection : Proposals with a sufficiently high score move on to this stage, where participants have the opportunity to refine their proposal in response to previous comments and criticisms.
  • Final: the finalist proposals are presented to a panel of external judges to determine the competition winners.

Please note: Each stage can have different rules concerning member permissions, comments, authorized ratings, deadlines, etc.

The stages help to structure and organize the collaborative or innovation process underway in the Marylink smart space.

đź’ˇ Many steps are predefined in the Smart spaces included in MARYLINK Core. But you can modify them, add to them, and create your own customized workflows!



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