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MARYLINK is an innovative platform that makes it easy to manage videos on YouTube as well as on its own hosting platform. Thanks to its advanced features, MARYLINK offers users a smooth and convenient experience when it comes to viewing videos.

One of MARYLINK's key features is the way videos are presented to users. Rather than simply displaying links or static thumbnails, MARYLINK generates playable thumbnails directly from the video list. publications. This means that users can preview and launch videos without having to visit each publication individually.

This feature is a real convenience for users, saving them time and enabling them to quickly access the video content they're interested in. Whether on YouTube or MARYLINK's hosting platform, playable thumbnails provide an instant overview of content, making it easy to discover and select videos to watch.

In addition to providing easy access to videos, MARYLINK also offers advanced management tools. Content creators can organize their videos, and add descriptions, links and more. tags and additional information to improve the visibility of their content. They can also track their videos' statistics, including views, comments and user interactions.

Quick sorting and searching...

In addition to previewing and playing videos directly from the list of publications, MARYLINK also offers users the ability to easily sort and specifically view publications that are accompanied by a video. This is made possible by the platform's intuitive search bar.

When users enter a search term in the dedicated bar, MARYLINK searches through all publications and identifies those containing a video. Search results are then displayed, highlighting publications with videos, enabling users to quickly identify and select them according to their preferences.

This video-specific search functionality saves users a considerable amount of time, enabling them to quickly find relevant video content. Whether searching for tutorials, entertainment videos or specific presentations, MARYLINK makes it easy to discover publications containing videos that match their interests.



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