How do I get started?

MARYLINK is an all-in-one collaboration and innovation solution, designed to provide a flexible and powerful environment for organizations of all sizes.

MARYLINK offers a variety of tools to help stimulate collaborative innovation. From :

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to use MARYLINK in different contexts. step-by-step approach.

Using MARYLINK on a departmental scale

Each department or division within an organization may have specific innovation needs. MARYLINK provides a workspace called "Smart space" that can be customized to meet these needs. Visit Smart Spaces can be used for collaborative task management, problem solving, resource management and more.

How do you get started?

For example, a department could create a Smart Space for selecting ideas or projects.

Over time, you can add new Smart Spaces to cover other aspects. For example, add spaces for external innovation management, partner selection, resource management and so on.

Using MARYLINK across an entire organization

MARYLINK has been designed to be scalable and adaptable, making it easy to implement across an entire organization. Instead of being limited to a single division or department, MARYLINK can be extended to encompass the entire organizational structure. This enables seamless integration between all departments and divisions, encouraging greater collaboration and innovation across the entire organization.

For an entire organization, how do you get started?

Starting on a small scale, such as a division or department, is an excellent way to test and understand how MARYLINK works in your specific context. It also allows your teams to familiarize themselves with the platform's tools and functionalities. Once you've experimented with MARYLINK on a smaller scale, it's easy to roll it out across the organization.

The organization-wide transition is facilitated by the flexibility of Smart Spaces. These spaces can be customized and adapted to different departments or divisions, enabling each part of the organization to have one or more spaces that meet its specific needs.

What's more, Smart Spaces can be duplicated and modified at will, meaning that configurations that work well can be quickly and easily applied elsewhere in the organization.

Finally, MARYLINK offers robust administration tools to facilitate large-scale platform management. Features such asautomatic addition of members from a CSV file, the validation procedure for new members, the standard analytics and the advanced analytics...

Advantages of this progressive approach

  1. Adaptability and efficiency By adopting a step-by-step approach, your organization can adapt and align the use of MARYLINK with its specific needs, enabling greater flexibility and efficiency. Starting with a specific topic or structure enables your organization to focus its efforts, maximizing efficiency.
  2. Commitment and ownership A step-by-step approach fosters greater user commitment and reinforces ownership of the tool. By gradually familiarizing themselves with the platform, users are more likely to feel comfortable and actively participate in collaborative innovation.
  3. Risk management and continuous improvement This approach enables you to reduce the risks associated with implementing a new solution. Each step offers the opportunity to evaluate successes and challenges, and make adjustments for continuous improvement.

đź’ˇ MARYLINK proposes a progressive and innovative pricing approachin line with your evolving needs.




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