Get more for less? How is this possible?

If you're wondering how MARYLINK manages to offer so many features while maintaining a competitive pricing structure, let us enlighten you.

How do we, at MARYLINK, manage to integrate emerging technologies such as the blockchain and theGPT integration in our collaborative innovation platform, while offering affordable rates?

A culture of open innovation

The key to this achievement lies in our unique development philosophy, which is radically different from that of our competitors. At MARYLINK, we have deeply integrated the idea of open innovation in our development approach. Instead of designing all our solutions in-house, we work closely with other companies and suppliers. startups from all over the world. We work together to develop solutions faster and more efficiently. This makes us an innovation ecosystem where ideas and solutions can be shared and continuously improved.

Using Open Source

In addition, we use components Open Source to build MARYLINK. Open Source offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, enabling us to quickly integrate advanced modules and technologies into our platform. But more than that, by adopting Open Source, we're able to contribute to the community in return, by sharing our own developments and improvements with other developers. In this way, we receive ongoing feedback and improvements. It's a virtuous cycle that fosters innovation and constant improvement.

Open Source and GPT. The winning ticket!

Artificial intelligence (AI) like GPT has the ability to boost open source projects, for a number of reasons.

  1. Code analysis and suggestions : AI tools can analyze large quantities of Open Source code and learn commonly used patterns, structures and approaches. They can then suggest these patterns to developers, speeding up the coding process.
  2. Error correction : AI systems can also detect syntax and logic errors in code, help to resolve them, and even prevent potential security flaws. safety.
  3. Automatic code generation : AI models can generate code from natural language descriptions. This could enable non-technical people to contribute to open source projects.
  4. Continuous learning : AI models like GPT can continue to learn from the multitude of open source projects available, constantly improving their understanding and ability to interact with code.

On the contrary, On proprietary platforms, AI has less knowledge about itself, mainly because the code is not publicly accessible. This limits the learning capabilities of AI models that could be used to analyze and improve this code.

A frugal approach to innovation

At the same time, we avoid superfluous expenditure and concentrate our resources where they count most: creating value for our customers. Rather than spending large sums on marketing and promotion, we invest in improving our product. We believe that it is the quality of our platform and the satisfaction of our users that will bring us long-term success.

In short, MARYLINK is able to offer more for less thanks to an innovative and collaborative approach to software development. We rely onopen innovationthe use ofopen source and a philosophy of frugality to deliver powerful, high-quality solutions that meet our customers' needs and budgets. This is how we are able to offer an all-in-one collaborative innovation solution that is both affordable and feature-rich.




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