Our ingredients: flexibility, simplicity and power!

There are a multitude of solutions for fostering collaborative innovation. These include

  • ideation tools,
  • management tools for partners or startups,
  • software for communities,
  • intranets/extranets,
  • instant messaging,
  • process management.

However, it is difficult to find a solution:

  1. Which includes all these aspects,
  2. Adaptable to each specific situation,
  3. Easy to use.


So what sets MARYLINK apart?

Our main differentiators are flexibility, simplicity and power thanks to GPT integration directly within the platform:


1) Flexibility

A MARYLINK platform offers a combination of powerful and versatile functionalities that enable teams to collaborate effectively on innovation issues, generate ideas and manage innovation projects or programs.

It centralizes all essential resources (documentsknowledge, ideas, contacts...) while at the same time being sufficiently agile to meet the specific, evolving needs of each organization, project or team.

It allows to managing diversity relationships with your stakeholders (employees, customers, partners...) thanks to functionalities dedicated to integrating them into your initiatives, collecting feedback, communicating and tracking needs. 

Last but not least, MARYLINK technology is highly interoperable with other tools and services, enabling seamless integration into your organization's technological ecosystem.

This flexibility makes MARYLINK ideal for adapting to changing conditions and the changing demands of the innovation landscape.


2) Simplicity

This unprecedented flexibility is backed up by surprising ease of use. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface,MARYLINK facilitates user adoption and encourages the active participation of all your stakeholders, whether they are internal members or external members to your organization. 

In addition, a MARYLINK simplifies the management material and human resources, enabling efficient asset tracking. Integrated reporting and analysis functionalities enable progress to be tracked, results to be assessed and opportunities for improvement to be identified. This simplifies the selection and management of projects and partners.

In addition, our solution facilitates project tracking by providing an overview of all your initiatives, enabling you to answer quickly and precisely the questions that every innovation manager asks: "who are my key players?", "where do we stand?", "what has been done, what remains to be done?", "what are the best solutions?", "how long will it take?", "what results have we achieved?", etc.

Finally, a MARYLINK platform facilitates capitalization of assets (ideas, collaborators, projects...), enabling you to move beyond "one shot" initiatives and strengthen your innovation ecosystem over the long term.


3) The power of GPT

GPT integration (from OpenAI) in MARYLINK technology is a real "game changer", enabling us to benefit from a augmented collective intelligence. This integration revolutionizes the way members collaborate and innovate within the platform. In particular, thanks to Smart Spaces. Here's how:

Accelerating the innovation process 🚀
GPT provides relevant information and suggestions in real time, enabling members to make rapid progress on their projects and become better informed and more creative, reducing delays and speeding up the innovation process: no more need to chase after information, and no more fear of the blank page!

Breaking down communication barriers 💬 and strengthening participation 💪
GPT fosters an inclusive environment by enabling members to overcome language and cultural barriers. This "cognitive assistant" increases their motivation to actively contribute to projects and share their opinions and ideas. 

Improved decision-making 🎯
The integration of GPT enables more informed and rapid decision-making, as members can instantly access precise information tailored to the context of your innovations.

➡️ Find out more about integrating GPT into MARYLINK


By combining simplicity, flexibility and power, MARYLINK collaborative innovation platforms offer a radically different alternative to existing tools!




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