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MARYLINK is a fully secure Augmented Innovation platform with...

✅ Multiple Chatbots and customized forms,

✅ Your own GPT, customized and trained with your data,

✅ Integrating your GPT into your customized collaborative workflows

We offer tailor-made solutions on a step-by-step basis:

  1. Ideation and internal acculturation 
  2. Integration of AI into your business processes (support, projects, coaching, etc.).
  3. Build your own personalized and scalable generative AI.

Our solutions are based on two pillars: Push 🚀, where users feed the AI with their knowledge. Pull 🧲, where they solicit the AI for targeted information.

This approach push-pull gives you access to a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool operating in collective mode. And at the same time, the peace of mind that your information and discussions remain secure and private (read more here).

For whom?


Detailed features

Our low-code solution is structured around a core solution, also known as MARYLINK Core, which provides a robust, reliable and powerful foundation. It can be complemented by various optional modules and services to customize and extend capabilities according to your organization's specific needs.


MARYLINK Core is an innovative collaborative innovation solution that is both powerful and easy to use. It is built around three key elements:

🧠 The Smart Spaces We've created a range of collaborative workspaces, with user and content management tools, designed to energize your collaborative innovation workflows, and easy to modify without coding.

🤖 L'GPT integration OpenAI: your members benefit from OpenAI's artificial intelligence to facilitate, improve and accelerate their contributions. 

⚡Powerful complementary tools to foster communication and collaboration on innovation projects.



1.1 What is a Smart Space?

A smart space is a flexible and intelligent collaborative space.

🤸‍♀️ Flexible,
because you can easily adapt a smart space to any type of use case, without coding, with, for example, a fine-tuned permissions management.

🧠 Intelligent,
because each Smart Space features GPT integration, facilitating project management, idea development, collaborative discussions, and giving a whole new dimension to collaborative innovation!

💡 Each smart space can be allocated for internal use (only members of your organization), external use (members from outside your organization: experts, customers, partners...) or mixed use, with very fine granularity.

1.2 What can be built with a Smart space?

Smart spaces are a versatile solution to all your collaborative innovation needs. You can manage :

  • Campaigns to select ideas, projects, partners...
  • Collaborative task management,
  • Problem management and resolution,
  • Resource directories: articles, documents, videos...
  • Conversational spaces,
  • and much more...

More than a dozen Smart spaces models are provided. For example:

➡️ Discover here list of models of Smart spaces provided

💡 You have the option of duplicate and modify these spaces at will

💡 Their fine granularity allows you to create your own unique spacesSmart spaces can be adapted to your needs: product roadmaps, specific projects, participative budgets, time-limited innovation competitions... Smart spaces are versatile!


1.3 What does a Smart Space consist of?

A Smart Space allows publications and benefit from powerful tools to manage all your initiatives:

🚀 A collaborative process engine (Workflows)

With several steps, each with its own permissions. At each stage, they define who can interact with the tools and see the associated results.

🧰 Integrated tools that you can activate according to your needs

✔️ And also :

  • Team functionalities : of co-authorspublication teams...
  • The possibility of private discussions on each publication with the publications teams.
  • The ability to create timed challenges : Ideation challenges, hackathons, recruitment and sourcing campaigns, etc.
  • A set of actionable fields: multimedia, documents date fields, publications budget,, geolocation of publications, tags and labels...
  • The ability to publish documents (Word, Excel, PDF...) and videos (hosted or Youtube).



*GPT integration in Smart Spaces provides each of your members with a cognitive assistant to whom they can turn for help, such as :

  • Translate a text,
  • Develop an idea,
  • Find out about a subject,
  • Rewrite a publication to make it more convincing,
  • List the weak points of a proposal...

💡 AI also recognizes the context of each Smart space and offers the user tailored advice and insights!

And that's not all!

A MARYLINK platform offers numerous AI-based tools to foster collective intelligence:

  • Brainstorming tools,
  • Foresight tools,
  • Market research tools,
  • Tools for developing strategies,
  • And more!

➡️ Click here to find out how integrating GPT into Smart Spaces is revolutionizing collaborative innovation.



Alongside Smart Spaces and GPT integration, MARYLINK Core integrates tools for collaboration, member management and content management.

For members

These tools facilitate collaboration and communication between members. They also reinforce the feeling of belonging to your projects:

For administrators

MARYLINK Core offers a range of tools for administrators, enabling 360° supervision of activities on the platform:

➡️ Discover the complete list of administrator tools.


MARYLINK Core offers a unique solution to amplify your collaborative innovation initiatives!

🎯 Our technology is designed to facilitate collaborative innovation by offering unrivalled versatility, power and ease of use. 







If you want to go beyond the basic MARYLINK Core package and develop a more elaborate platform, we offer a range of optional tools and services that will take you even further:

For members

For administrators

Other services

In short, MARYLINK offers you simple yet powerful tools to power your collaborative innovation initiatives: innovation program management, ideation, screening, and much more! 





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