An innovative pricing approach

MARYLINK stands out for its innovative pricing model, based on the customers' successrather than the traditional per-user pricing model.

Our model closely aligns costs with actual service useThis approach is not only fairer, but also potentially much more economical.

Savings with MARYLINK can vary, but depending on the options chosen and the tools used, the platform can cost up to three to ten times less expensive than traditional models.

Here's how our pricing works:

  1. Base rate for a certain number of page views
    When you subscribe to MARYLINK, you pay a basic fee for a certain number of page views, which gives your team access to all the platform's standard services.
  2. Progressive pricing for additional page views
    If your team exceeds the number of page views included in your prime rate, pricing becomes progressive. The more your teams use the service, the more you pay, which means that your costs are directly proportional to the value they derive from the service.
  3. Optional modules
    We also offer optional modules based on the same principle of per-page-view pricing. You can add additional functionalities to your package, paying only for the number of page views associated with these modules.


Example of savings

To illustrate the difference with traditional per-user pricing, let's take an example. Suppose you have a team of 200 people and you use three different tools:

Each of these tools costs €10 per user per month.

With per-user pricingIn this case, you pay for 200 licenses for each tool (since you have 200 users), i.e. €2,000 per tool per month, or €6,000 in total, regardless of the actual level of activity of each user.

With our pricing model, you only pay for what you actually use! MARYKLINK charges according to the number of pages viewed per month. Beyond the initial flat rate, you only pay for the number of pages viewed or actual use of a service or tool. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee per user, you're billed according to your actual overall consumption.

The page-view billing model offers greater flexibility. It's also a fairer way of billing, as it provides a better match between costs and the actual use of each service.

With MARYLINK, costs can be reduced by three to ten times compared with traditional pricing models. It depends on the options chosen and the tools used, but the potential savings are significant.

We firmly believe in our more flexible and equitable approach to maximizing your return on investment. Not only does our pricing model have the potential to significantly reduce your costs, but it's also the best way to get the most out of your investment. it also aligns your spending more closely with the value you derive from your use of it of the platform.

Our goal: give you greater transparency and control over your technology investments.




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