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Facilitate collaboration among people from different backgrounds and skill levels. Allow a more inclusive environment where everyone's unique contributions can be utilized.
Provide new perspectives to your members. Unlock their full creative potential. Make the collaborative experience enjoyable. Get fresh ideas that might have been missed otherwise.
With GPT, the platform automate tasks, summarize and categorize content, identify duplicates, and suggest improvements. Save time and enhance the overall quality.
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Collective Intelligence Platforms!

Brainstorming, Innovation, learning, community management and active citizenships on a Whole New Level!

Provides a cognitive assistant to all members
Each participant enjoys a personal cognitive assistant. GPT acts as facilitator, providing custom and contextualized insights, examples and answers to your members.
Incredibly smart and adaptive platforms
As users engage with the platform, the machine learning capabilities provide accurate data, which leads to more effective recommendations. The platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users.
Designed for innovative collaboration
Marylink is a robust platform, offering a powerful process engine, comprehensive collaboration tools, and advanced GPT integration for more accurate insights and a personalized experience.

A platform where each member enjoys a
writing creative cognitive learning assistant

Reach new milestones

Get ready for a "FUN-tastic" collaborative experience!

Engage and unlock new levels of excellence

We firmly believes that collective intelligence requiers every individual to have the opportunity to participate.

This is why we created a technology that enables collaboration among diverse people with varying levels of skill, knowledge and experience.


A New Engaging Experience
Break down silos and improve communication among members by providing a common language and context for discussion.
Enjoy Innovative Insights
Leverage powerful insights. Get a high number of high-quality novel ideas that have the potential to drive innovation and positive change.
Improved Learning
Customized and adaptive learning paths tailored to individual users' needs. Allow them to learn at their own pace on subjects that are relevant to their specific areas of interest.
Enhanced Communication
Reduce the time-to-market for new products or services with a quicker iteration process.
Use Cases

Get a single platform for augmented collaborative innovation collective learning help and support problem-solving discovery

Adding GPT to an intranet is like having a smart assistant that can answer questions and provide information quickly and accurately. This can be really helpful for people within the organization who need information, like employees or students.

One of the main benefits of using a GPT model is that it can help people find information faster. Instead of having to spend time searching through different documents or websites, people can simply ask the GPT model and get an answer right away. 


The natural language processing and machine learning capabilities of GPT enable more accurate insights and better communication among team members, leading to more effective problem-solving and decision-making. By leveraging GPT technology, Communities of Practice can promote continuous learning and knowledge transfer, driving positive outcomes and business success.

Adding a GPT model to a support community can be really helpful for people who need help.  People can get help faster, and the answers will be more likely to be correct. When people get the help they need, they are happier and more likely to keep asking questions and helping each other. Adding a GPT model can also make it easier for people who help others in the community, so they can spend more time on harder questions.

Integrating MARYLINK with Native GPT can enhance open innovation by providing a collaborative environment where individuals and teams can share ideas, give feedback, and collaborate on projects. Native GPT can be used to generate ideas, suggest solutions, and provide insights to improve innovation outcomes.

Here are some ways to use MARYLINK and Native GPT integration for open innovation:

  • Idea Generation: Native GPT can be used to generate ideas and concepts for innovation projects. These ideas can then be shared with the MARYLINK community for feedback and further development.

  • Collaborative Feedback: MARYLINK's collaborative feedback tools can be used to gather feedback on ideas and projects. This feedback can then be used to refine and improve the project, which can then be re-evaluated using Native GPT.

  • Predictive Analytics: Native GPT's predictive analytics capabilities can be used to predict the success of innovation projects. This can help teams make data-driven decisions about which projects to pursue.

  • Automatic Summarization: Native GPT can be used to automatically summarize feedback, comments, and other user-generated content in MARYLINK. This can save time and provide a quick overview of the most relevant information.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Native GPT can be used to perform sentiment analysis on user-generated content in MARYLINK. This can help teams understand how their innovation projects are being received and identify areas for improvement.

The collective learning platform enables users to collaborate and learn from each other by sharing their knowledge and experiences. The platform can facilitate discussion forums, chat rooms, or other forms of communication to enable users to interact with each other and build a collective knowledge base.

The GPT model can analyze the user-generated content and use it to generate new insights and recommendations. The platform can also provide personalized learning paths for users based on their interests, learning style, and previous interactions with the platform.

The collective learning platform can be used in a variety of contexts, including education, professional development, and knowledge management. The platform can help users stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their field, as well as facilitate collaboration and communication among learners.

MARYLINK includes features such as ideation tools, collaboration tools, voting mechanisms, and analytics dashboards to facilitate the collective innovation process. Users can input their ideas, share feedback and insights with others, and vote on the most promising ideas. The platform can also provide personalized recommendations and insights based on the user's inputs and the data analyzed by the GPT model.

The platform can also include gamification elements to incentivize participation and engagement among the community members. 

The platform can also provide access to a community of experts, mentors, and coaches to further facilitate the collective innovation process. 

The platform allows local councils to manage and engage with communities within their jurisdiction. Members can register themselves, participate in discussions, polls, and events, and receive information and notifications. The platform is powered by a native GPT model, enabling natural language processing and making it more accessible. Local council administrators can monitor and manage the community and receive analytics and reports. Overall, the platform is a powerful tool for local councils to engage with their communities.

The platform can provide insights into sustainability performance, identify areas for improvement, and generate recommendations for sustainability strategies and initiatives. It can also facilitate collaboration and communication among stakeholders, such as suppliers, customers, and employees, to drive sustainability efforts.

A MARYLINK sustainability platform powered by GPT combines AI technology with sustainability metrics to support sustainability initiatives and decision-making. It can help organizations identify areas for improvement, generate innovative ideas, and drive progress towards sustainability goals

A MARYLINK edemocracy platform enables citizens to participate in political decision-making and policymaking processes. The platform uses machine learning and natural language processing capabilities of GPT to analyze and understand citizens' opinions, concerns, and suggestions. The platform provides feedback to citizens, presents analyzed data to policymakers, and monitors policy implementation. Overall, the platform can improve citizen engagement, promote transparency and accountability, and provide decision-makers with valuable insights.

MARYLINK Technology

Winner of French Ministry of Justice Hackathon
MARYLINK technology has been primed for its features and flexibility.
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"MARYLINK has built our tailor-made open innovation platform.
The result is stunning!"

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"The MARYLINK team was able to offer us a simple and attractive interface for our users while always listening to us :)"

Aurélien LALLEMANT · Head of Communication
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Frequently Asked Questions


The integration of GPT in MARYLINK is not only a game changer for generating ideas, but also for fostering communities of active and engaged citizens or members who can drive innovation and progress. With GPT's advanced natural language processing capabilities, MARYLINK can empower users with data-driven insights, recommendations, and innovative solutions that can help them achieve their goals and create positive change in their communities.

In addition, the platform can also serve as a training ground for individuals and teams looking to develop their skills and capabilities in a variety of domains, from creative problem solving and critical thinking to data analysis and decision making. By leveraging the power of GPT, MARYLINK can provide personalized and customized training modules that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of users.

Overall, the integration of GPT in a platform like MARYLINK can help unlock the full potential of collective intelligence, empowering communities and individuals with the tools, insights, and training needed to tackle complex challenges, drive innovation, and create positive impact in the world.

MARYLINK is probably the ideal choice for your organization right now, because ChatGPT is a revolution!

it presents an opportunity that should be seized before it becomes a threat. Our platform is the first collective intelligence tool that can fully harness the enormous benefits that GPT has to offer. We have designed MARYLINK as a playground for cutting-edge technologies, with seamless integration of GPT, powerful collaboration tools, strong data management capabilities, an intuitive user interface, and the flexibility, customization, and scalability to meet your organization's unique needs.

AI and GPT are evolving fast. Adopting them early provides benefits, such as new capabilities and opportunities to improve operations and create value. Early adopters will be able to stay ahead and remain competitive.

If you put yourself in status quo like "wait and see" attitude, you may end up a disadvantage compared to your competitors who have already adopted these technologies and are reaping the benefits.

They also miss the opportunity to build their knowledge and expertise in these technologies, which could limit your ability to take full advantage of them in the future.

MARYLINK offers tremendous advantages over individual use of ChatGPT. The platform provides a centralized and integrated environment for collective intelligence, allowing for better collaboration, data management, and decision-making. With features such as discussion forums, feedback mechanisms, data storage, data access control, data analysis tools, and a user-friendly interface, MARYLINK provides a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution for collaborative initiatives. Additionally, the platform is customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of different organizations and use cases, providing a tailored solution for collective intelligence management.

GPT and AI-based advanced models are not just a trend, they are a major technological advance that will have a lasting impact on the way organizations operate and create value. Organizations that adopt these technologies will be well positioned to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the years to come.

The native integration of GPT within MARYLINK means that GPT technology is fully integrated into the platform and provides organizations with efficient and seamless access to its capabilities and features. This integration enhances the platform's performance, functionality, and provides organizations with a more comprehensive and effective solution for innovation management.

Yes. OpenAI offers a range of pricing options for its API, including pay-as-you-go pricing, which is based on the amount of usage and the specific features required. The cost of using the OpenAI API will depend on factors such as the amount of data processed, the complexity of the models used, and the frequency of usage.

Community, innovation, and active citizenship are great subjects to start with and experiment with GPT  for several reasons:

  1. Wide range of topics: These subjects cover a wide range of topics and can be applied in many different contexts, making them relevant to a broad audience. This means that GPT can generate a diverse range of content on these subjects, from community-building strategies to innovative business ideas to civic engagement techniques.

  2. Timely and important: Community, innovation, and active citizenship are timely and important topics, particularly in today's rapidly changing world. Many individuals and organizations are looking for ways to improve their communities, innovate in their fields, and become more engaged citizens. GPT can provide insights and suggestions on these topics, making it a valuable tool for individuals and organizations seeking to make a difference.

  3. Open-ended nature: These subjects are also open-ended, which means that there are many different perspectives and approaches that can be taken. This makes them ideal for experimentation with GPT, as the model can generate a wide range of ideas and insights that may not have been considered before.

  4. Feedback and improvement: Finally, experimenting with GPT on these subjects can provide valuable feedback on the accuracy and usefulness of the generated content. As users interact with the generated content and provide feedback, GPT can improve and become even more effective in generating relevant and useful insights on these important topics.


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