Introducing MARYLINK, the

Augmented Innovation Platform

Transform your collaborative workflows
Boost adoption of Generative AI
Enjoy an AI fueled with your own data

⚡ GPT inside

Transform your collaborative workflows

Integrate AI into your workflows to enhance productivity and unlock innovation. Optimize customer support, marketing, R&D, and more.

Boost adoption of Generative AI

Advocate for Generative AI in your organization or ecosystem with our engaging, fun interface with instant value to users.

A custom AI fueled with your own data

Enjoy a custom and secure artificial intelligence, running on Microsoft Azure servers. Supercharge AI with your own custom data.
⚡ GPT inside

A platform where each member enjoys
writing creative learning cognitive assistants

Cognitive assistants
A chatbot to assist every member.
Generative AI tools
Powerful innovation tools powered by AI.
Adapted to your context
GPT tailored to your organization.

More Control.

Supervise what is shared with GPT.

More Privacy.

Secure your critical knowledge.
🚀 Collaborative Innovation Augmented

Empower your total ecosystem!

MARYLINK Collaborative innovation platforms
MARYLINK Collaborative innovation platforms
Collaborative innovation platforms designed to be highly intuitive, making usage simple and accessible for all users.
Adapts to the specific needs of each organization, with unparalleled customization.
Co-create faster with an extended toolbox for collaboration and collective intelligence, augmented with AI.
Many tools in one
Enjoy a rich range of features which, when combined, generate even more possibilities.
No Code
Our no-code approach and multiple customizable modules allow you to easily design your own customized platform.
Innovative billing
MARYLINK stands out for its innovative pricing model, focused on its clients' success. It closely aligns costs with actual service usage.

Experiment GPT

For open innovation

How? Follow 3 simple steps depending on your GenAI maturity:

Acculturate your ecosystem to GPT
Launch a pilot project within a few days, focusing on a restricted functional scope related to collaborative innovation. Encourage participation, foster acculturation, reassure your collaborators, and discover how to take advantage of GPT, collectively.
Identify the best use cases
Develop one or multiple promising collaborative use cases. Test them on a small scale, make adjustments if necessary, incorporate feedback from your ecosystem, and iterate until you find the most suitable approach.
Industrialize augmented innovation
Deploy and expand your best use cases. Integrate more collaborators and partners. Feed GPT with part of your business knowledge, and accelerate your digital transformation for open innovation, at scale.

Discover the power of GPT for
Co-creation Innovation Programs Problem Solving Open Innovation Project Management Brainstorming Sourcing Support

Enhanced Security
Through an internal and secure approach, the customized pilot project ensures the protection of company data and sensitive information. Privacy and security are prioritized throughout the entire process.
Easy Implementation
The pilot project is designed for swift deployment with simplified setup. Resources and efforts are optimized, making it easy to initiate the process without unnecessary complications.
Rapid ROI
Agile implementation with a focus on fast return on investment allows you to quickly produce valuable GPT use cases and expand their deployment, resulting in tangible economic benefits within a short timeframe.

For whom?

New Perspectives & Opportunities

Flexibility, Simplicity and Power...
Like Never Before.

Making the impossible possible!

Managing innovation may sometimes seem impossible. You have an endless list of stakeholders to engage, an infinite number of data points to consider, and a multitude of pitfalls to avoid. This is where we come in.

We created a technology that enables collaboration among diverse people with varying levels of skill, knowledge and experience.

Together, create your own paths.


Collective intelligence augmented with AI
The right insights at the right moment. Get a high number of high-quality contributions to make better decisions.
Greater innovations
Start small and gradually expand your innovative programs across different audiences and activities.
An integrated approach
Our innovative toolbox offers unique versatility. Create your own workflows, support innovative initiatives... Imagine your own path.
A holistic vision
Break down silos and improve communication among members by easily providing a common language and context for discussion.
MARYLINK Technology

Get ready for a "FUN-tastic" collaborative experience!

Winner of French Ministry of Justice Hackathon
MARYLINK technology has been primed for its features and flexibility.
Co-Innovation Augmented with AI – Home

"MARYLINK has built our tailor-made open innovation platform.
The result is stunning!"

Chief Innovation Officer
Symag by Wynd
Co-Innovation Augmented with AI – Home

"The MARYLINK team was able to offer us a simple and attractive interface for our users while always listening to us :)"

Head of Communication
Le Village By Crédit Agricole PCA
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Frequently Asked Questions


MARYLINK Platforms

MARYLINK is a second to none innovation platform, ingeniously designed to foster collaboration and facilitate innovation. It stands as a beacon of progress in the technological landscape, revolutionizing the way organizations approach and handle innovation.

Equipped with robust capabilities, MARYLINK seamlessly integrates various aspects of innovation processes.  Its powerful toolset accelerates the innovation lifecycle, from ideation to implementation, thereby speeding up the path to market success.

The platform can be tailored to match the unique needs and contexts of each organisation, offering a customized innovation experience. This results in a tailor-made innovation environment that boosts success and helps organisations maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.


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MARYLINK's Smart Spaces are online collaborative spaces that enable members of an organization or community to work together on projects, share information and resources, communicate, and collaborate.

Smart Spaces can also be used for timed challenges, such as internal or external hackathons.

Designed to be secure, flexible and customizable, Smart Spaces can be tailored to the needs of each organization, community, or ecosystem. Members can create posts, discussions, projects, events, and polls, and they can also invite other members to participate. They provide a dynamic environment that promotes engagement, innovation, and collective growth.

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We are among the select few companies that offer flexible integration of generative artificial intelligence. This AI, fueled by your organization's unique data, is directly incorporated into all types of your collaborative processes. With the power of GPT at the core of high-value processes, we completely revolutionize your ability to innovate and enhance productivity.

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MARYLINK is indeed an incredible platform due to the transformative effect it has on the way organisations innovate.

Here's why:

  1. Simplification
    MARYLINK streamlines the innovation process by providing a central platform where ideas, projects, knowledge,  can be shared, developed. 
  2. Powerful
    Despite its simplified approach, MARYLINK is extremely powerful. It leverages advanced technology to facilitate collaboration, manage workflows, and support decision-making. It can handle complex tasks and large volumes of data, providing organisations with the robust tools they need to drive innovation.
  3. Cost-effective
    One of MARYLINK's key strengths is its cost-effectiveness. Traditional methods of innovation often involve high costs due to the need for multiple tools, resources, and significant manpower. However, MARYLINK consolidates these elements into a single, efficient platform, leading to significant cost savings. 
  4. Customisable
    MARYLINK's ability to be customised according to the specific needs and context of each organisation makes it a unique tool in the innovation landscape. 

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AI and GPT are evolving fast. Adopting them early provides benefits, such as new capabilities and opportunities to improve operations and create value. Early adopters will be able to stay ahead and remain competitive.

But there is more... MARYLINK replace several distinct tools, thus offering greater simplicity and potential. You may be currently spending far more than you should!

MARYLINK is currently available in English and French.

We offer three distinct plans: Lite, Enterprise, and Custom. Each plan provides a specific number of users, disk space, and a limited amount of  AI tokens. Please refer to our pricing page for detailed rates.
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GPT Integration

We are powered by AZURE servers in collaboration with Microsoft, providing a more secure GPT solution. Additionally, OpenAI commits to not utilizing your data for training its models (as detailed here). For enhanced security, you can safeguard your intellectual property using our Blockchain module.

GPT is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) recently developped by OpenAI. GPT is a generative language model able to understand and respond correctly to almost any question.

GPT is the AI model used by ChatGPT. GPT works very similarly to ChatGPT. The difference is that GPT can be modified to suit specific needs and use cases. In short, GPT is more flexible (and therefore way more powerful) than ChatGPT.

The integration of GPT within MARYLINK means that GPT technology is fully integrated into the platform and provides organizations with efficient and seamless access to its capabilities and features. This integration enhances the platform's performance, functionality, and provides organizations with a more comprehensive and effective solution for innovation management.

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Comparatively, standalone ChatGPT, while powerful, does not provide the same level of integration, contextual understanding, or seamless user experience, because it's not embedded within the users' collaborative workspace. ChatGPT is more of a general-purpose tool that requires users to shift their work context when they interact with it.

Indeed, integrating GPT into such a platform offers several advantages compared to using standalone ChatGPT. Here are a few:

  1. Contextual Understanding: With GPT integrated into a MARYLINK platform, the AI can leverage the platform's specific knowledge and understanding of the innovation process. The AI recognize can the context of each Smart space and offer the user adapted advice and insights.

  2. Seamless User Experience: Users can interact with the GPT AI without leaving their familiar MARYLINK environment, providing a seamless and more user-friendly experience.

  3. Direct Assistance: GPT can provide direct assistance within the MARYLINK platform. For instance, it can help translate text, develop ideas, learn about topics, rewrite publications to make them more compelling, or list the weaknesses of a proposal, all within the context of a project or discussion in a MARYLINK Smart space.

  4. Adaptive Suggestions: Since the AI is aware of the context and purpose of each Smart space, it can provide more relevant suggestions and guidance to users, enhancing their productivity and creativity.

  5. Collaborative Innovation: With GPT integrated into MARYLINK, it can directly contribute to the innovation workflows. It can participate in ideation, problem resolution, and project management, among others.

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GPT increases the collective intelligence of members, communities or organizations. Why? How?

1/ An encyclopedia accessible to everyone

Thanks to GPT, users can obtain additional information on any subject. This enables them to quickly understand a subject or to expand their knowledge. The result is higher-quality contributions: users better understand topics and can refine their reasoning.

2/ An assistant for reading and modifying content

Thanks to GPT, users can easily reformulate their proposals to make them more convincing, or give them a more courteous tone for example. They can also easily translate the content (those they produce, or those they consult) of contributions. Finally, they can find the illustration best suited to their purpose in the blink of an eye, without having to spend hours searching the Internet for the right one!

3/ An expert advisor

GPT can provide advice and answer questions on most subjects, especially those related to innovation thanks to MARYLINK integration. It's a low-cost asset for guiding users if they're not sure how to react to certain situations.

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4/ Integrate and disseminate organizational knowledge

GPT can be fed with data from an organization, enabling it to be even more relevant to very specific issues. For example, a company can submit a list of the problems most frequently encountered by their employees, and the solutions to be favored to resolve these problems. Users can then query GPT and it will provide the answer validated by the organization!

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GPT and AI-based advanced models are not just a trend, they are a major technological advance that will have a lasting impact on the way organizations operate and create value. Organizations that adopt these technologies will be well positioned to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the years to come.

AI will not replace innovators. But innovators who use AI will replace those who don't!

Yes if you go beyond your monthly token allowance.  The cost of using the OpenAI API will depend on factors such as the amount of data processed, the complexity of the models used, and the frequency of usage. Ask us for details.


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