Collaborative Data Management

Exploit your business data efficiently and securely with collaborative AI.

Add Your Business Knowledge
Easily manage how AI leverages your business data
Exploit your documents
Content Management System
Manage your business data with our powerful CMS.
Data Sharing
Users can take advantage of available data or share additional knowledge.
Data Screening
Collectively assess the relevance of the data.
Data Editing
Work together to add, improve or correct the data required by AI.
Secure silos
Enjoy secure silos with granular data access for your projects and data.
Secure AI
Your data is not used to train third party AI, period.
Secure server
Servers located in France or on premises, with advanced multi-layer protection.

Enhanced Data Governance

For AI and your Teams
Dynamic Management of Your Data

More accuracy with advanced management of your business data

The quality of the responses provided by AI directly depends on the quality of the data used. In professional environments, precise and continuously enriched data management is essential. MARYLINK allows for simple addition and management of your business data by your teams and its dynamic exploitation by AI, offering a secure and efficient method to leverage generative AI in the specific context of your business.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Ensure the security and confidentiality of your business data

We offer advanced data management with enhanced security options where users have specific permissions to create, modify, view, comment on, and evaluate content (contributions, data, prompts...). These permissions can be customized according to the user's role, group membership, or individually.

Flexible, Agile, Scalable.

A platform that evolves with your business

MARYLINK supports you as your needs and uses of generative AI evolve. Our design is completely modular allowing for the addition or removal of features as needed. This facilitates the evolution of the platform towards different configurations like an AI-augmented extranet, an AI-augmented private social network, a hub for augmented collaborative support, etc. Our solution adapts to the various professional situations you face in your digital transformation and future projects you might initiate.