Advanced and easy-to-use generative AI tools

Users can access a variety of AI models and customize their own tools with specific data. This flexibility allows them to effectively address unique needs while benefiting from the latest advancements in generative AI. Whether for writing, content creation, or data analysis, Marylink provides a smooth and productive experience.

Productivity tools
Configurable AI tools designed to boost your productivity.
Advanced Chatbots
Content-aware chatbots to get insights, find new team members, and more.
Prompt Directory
Use our pre-designed prompts or those shared by your users.
Ready to go
Enjoy a rich set of AI services optimized for business performance.
Take advantage of the latest LLMs: GPT, Claude, Mistral...
Text, Images, Vision...
Use AI to generate or analyze rich texts and images.
Intuitive UX
An intuitive user interface that goes far beyond classic chatbots.
Create your own AI tools, easy to setup.
Cost effective
Control AI consumption with our innovative billing approach.
Get The Most of Generative AI

The One-Stop AI Solution For Your Business

AI for your daily business

Get started easily with our ready-to-go tools

Benefit from immediate productivity gains with our ready-to-go AI tools made to improve business performance in areas such as marketing, business development, communication or innovation.


Benefit from the latest Generative AI models

Take advantage of the latest generative AI models such as OpenAI GPT4o, Microsoft Wizard, Google Gemini or Anthropic Claude 3. Our solution provides a wide range of the most powerful large language models (LLMs) — proprietary or open-source — while remaining agnostic about the model used. You or your staff can choose which models to use depending on the task, tool or activity, so you can make the most of their powerful capabilities!

Customizable AI

Tailor AI to your industry and maximize efficiency

MARYLINK is a versatile solution designed to adapt to your specific context and needs: you can easily modify the AI tools available or create new ones to suit your activities. The platform provides customizable Smart Spaces with presets for specific actions suited to a wide range of business activities. These spaces, which can be reserved for certain users, facilitate dynamic management of business data and precise access control.

Empower your teams

Custom AI Tools for Each User

Unlike other solutions, each user can customize their AI tools with their own prompts leveraging their own data, or choose to use data shared and enriched by community members. This results in simplified data management while offering configurations tailored to each need.

AI insights

Gain valuable insights through Generative AI

All content published on the platform can be generated or analyzed by querying the AI. For example: among the ideas submitted, which ones have the best ROI potential and why? Among the tasks on this project, which ones should be focused on? The platform also analyzes content to connect documents, projects, or ideas with relevant member profiles, facilitating the formation of project teams (team building). And fueled with your own data, its answers become even more relevant!


Control your costs with flexible billing

Most other AI platforms charge 20 to 30 euros per month per user. This is like if your energy provider charged you 30 euros per month for each connected electrical device, regardless of its consumption. That's a significant budget... MARYLINK has opted for a different approach: consumption-indexed billing, following the model of energy providers. This model allows for more accessible, fairer rates and lets you choose and adjust the consumption of each LLM based on their quality/price ratio.